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We all know that it's awkward to try and write in the guest book at a wedding. You either miss the book because your "jam" has come on the dance floor, or you were at the bar. Maybe you don't know what to write or like Chris, your handwriting is terrible! So why not take your time, and write something here. Plus its all ledgible.

Tina and Jeff Baynham 20 March 2017

We will be delighted to attend your wedding. I am not certain if you have a wedding present list, but we have a canteen of cutlery for you.

Rachel Ireland 25 February 2017

Hi guys, I thought I would write you a message on here so that I don't either forget or not have time due to the fact that I am crazy and decided to have a nuclear family with 2.4 kids that seem like a small army. As I am writing this about the future and not the present, Chantelle I am sure you will look fabulous and beautiful and I am sure everyone will tell you this on the day myself included. Chris although I haven't actually met you, you seem like a stand up guy. And finally for the perfect Disney caption every wedding needs, Chris, Chloe, Edie, Paige and I hope you both live happily ever after. Lots of love xxx
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